Use Creativity to Drive Traffic

1. Use graphics that are pleasant to the eye

How often have you visited a blog where the graphics are so bad that it makes you want to leave the site as soon as the page loads? Oftentimes I have found that blogs often use poor quality graphics, that have been stolen from other sites. I would recommend that if you are going to use graphics from other sites, that you take the time to edit them in a graphics editing program to make them look presentable.

2. Write about controversial topics

Writing about a controversial topics can bring a good amount of traffic to your site because people love to give their opinions. The more engaged people are the more traffic to your site. A good example is when using Facebook. I have found that writing about controversial topics on Facebook it causes many people that want to give their 2 cents to the discussions. Some tips to remember.

  • Always be respectful
  • Whenever possible add a little bit of humor
  • Never publish content when your angry.
  • Never use a public platform to discuss personal matters such as husband wife relationship.

3. Answer people's questions

Oftentimes you will find that people have questions and problems that need to be answered. Going to other people's blogs and forums and answering questions will help bring traffic to your site. People appreciate feedback from others in the blogging community.

4. Ask questions that involve participation

When you post articles, make the title in the form of a question. By nature, I have found that people like to feel like they provide value to the question being asked. This could also drive traffic because of the differences of opinion. Maybe run some kind of contents for the person that provides the best answer to a question that you posed in the article.

Well that is it for now and as always, follow me for updated information on how to obtain more traffic to your website!