Driving Twitter Traffic to Your Blog

1. Increase followers by following others

This has been a tactic that has been used for some time. It has been commonplace for those that you follow, will follow you in return. I would recommend that you don't stop there. You should follow up with a personal email to each person that you are following, letting them know about your blog and how you can help them. Remember that you are trying to convince the reader that you provide quality content that will be useful to them.

2. Add your blog to all email signatures

Whenever you send out emails, make sure that you include your contact information in your email signature. This should always include a link to your website, and as always make sure the website url is clickable.

3. Tweet all new blog posts

Every time you publish a new article on your blog, you will want to ensure that you tweet about it as well. This will help drive targeted traffic to your site. Additionally the tweet should always have a link that will direct users back to the most recent blog article.

4. Add a Twitter widget to your blog

By adding the Twitter widget to your blog, the users will be reminded that they can check out your most recent posts from Twitter.

5. Provide Contests and Giveaways Often

This is by far the easiest way to obtain traffic and followers because lets face it, People like free stuff. A good example might be to create a contest where you giveaway a prize to the follower that refers the most people to your site!

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